'The Bright Side' of 12 Galaxies Closing (CAUTION: SARCASM)

topic posted Wed, August 20, 2008 - 1:35 PM by  Orangeboxman
The good news is this event official marks the end of SF's long-running cultural identity crisis.

Everyone who still feels like they still fit in in SF can now breathe easy, having put out of his mind what kind of fun anyone might
be having down in the Mission district and drive his SUV in an even more relaxed manner back home each night to the Richmond or Sunset to enjoy smoking pot and watching endless Tivo reruns of Seinfeld until he collapses conveniently into a solitary heap of incarnate complacency.

SF's social successes just went from 'smug' to 'more smug than thou'. See what happens on the site of 12 Galaxies and THEN try to tell me I was wrong about this. Just wait and try.

You can tell them all I didn't bother to say 'hi' while they're hitting all your asses with the door.


F***ing waste of a city.

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