12 Galaxies

12 Galaxies, a SF Guardian Best of the Bay Winner, is located at 2565 Mission Street.

A great menu of delicious food and a full bar make this the perfect place to come hang out with friends, grab a bite to eat, have a cocktail, or see your favorite band.
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09/02/08 db 1 reply
SoE @ Connecticut Yankee Friday Sep 12th
09/02/08 Brian
Benefit for Robert
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SF Night Life After 12 Galaxies Closure
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'The Bright Side' of 12 Galaxies Closing (CAUTION: SARCASM)
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12 Galaxies closing this month?
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Friday at 12 G's.... off the hook
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Magnificent 7 @ the 12 Galaxies Friday April 11th
03/20/08 ron

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